It can be difficult to look at your own environment with fresh eyes. I will work with you to understand how the space is currently used and together we will build a plan and timeline of execution to transform the areas you want to enhance.

I help you to envision the possibilities that exist and how the space can look and function better with simple but effective changes. Changes that produce proven results within your available budget and timeline.


Make changes to those impactful spaces such as the reception area which might be dark and unwelcoming or your canteen which might be dull and drab. And let's not forget those spaces such as staff rooms or stairwells. They too can be more than just functional. I can transform these spaces into works of art that motivate!

Improving motivation, leading to better student performance.

My name is Julie Potter, I'm an award-winning artist and designer, specialising in enhancing school environments to maximise student and staff performance.


I help educational facilities that struggle with lifeless, demotivating spaces fill them with colour and personality. The result is a transformation which helps boost morale and well-being, therefore raising the success rates of staff and students alike.

By rejuvinating older buildings and enhancing newer builds I help students, teachers, principals, all school employees to feel more inspired, motivated and organised. Most importantly, I make them feel like the space that they spend so much time in, really matters.

The transformation begins by designing spaces that give them new life and purpose. For example, a space that was once used for storage is now a space for students to relax, connect, and communicate, a place for everything.


As a former secondary school art teacher with over a decade experience, I became very aware of the need to motivate and inspire my students. This is something I successfully achieved by transforming my classroom into a room that students wanted to be in. Not always an easy task!

Doing so proved so effective, that it opened up the possibility for me to transform other areas outside of the art room. These transformations inspired students to engage more positively with the curriculum, their peers and teachers.





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