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  • 1. Do you only work with schools?
    Having been a secondary school teacher for 11 years, my passion began there, but i can transform any space! It could be an office, a creche, third level college, hospital waiting rooms, community centres, anywhere that people spend time.
  • 2. Is your work based only in Sligo?
    No, I travel throughout the country transforming spaces. In some cases I also courier work to clients that they install themselves.
  • 3. What do you need from me to begin the process?
    To begin the process it is always best to chat over the phone. A time can be arranged by going to my website. We can then discuss the areas that you want to focus on, what issues you may be having with the space currently and what budget you have for the project. For transformations covering a big area, ideally it is best for me to walk around the building to get a sense of the space. It can be hard to understand how the space works from just photos, although it is a good starting point. You can book a free discovery call with me on my website , stating a date and time that suits your schedule.
  • 4. What will the finished product be?
    It can vary from adapting layouts, changing the colour of the walls in some spaces, motivational artwork, directional signage, zoning areas with colour, designing artwork on stairwells, new seating in common areas, picking colours for the outside of the building, making the reception area more welcoming with signage, school ethos displays, plants, large sculptures, the list is endless as the needs for each school will be different.
  • 5. Do you do all the painting yourself?
    I pick the colours and give a clear list of the names and paint types to the client who can then organise their own painters to paint. I don't feel that it makes sense for me to do this part when schools generally have their own painters or caretakers that normally do this work for them. Of course in certain instances i can organise this being done, this can be discussed on the phone.
  • 6. Will the installation of the work be disruptive to the running of the school?
    Not at all, the best thing about it is I will create all the artwork etc off site. That means the work is installed at an agreed time, onto your freshly painted walls, meaning the transformation happens quickly and effectively. This way the transformation is dramatic and surprising to the staff and students when they arrive in the next day for example. It is just like the name 'Julie The Genie' suggests. My team and I will leave a clean, tidy, transformed space behind over a weekend or evening with no mess or fuss. Almost like a little genie granted a wish!
  • 7. Do we need to know exactly what we want before contacting you?
    Absolutely not, most conversations I have with schools begin with "I'm not exactly sure what we want but we want this particular area to be more inspiring". That is perfect for me because it means I can be as creative as possible with my suggestions for the space.
  • 8. How will we know if we will like the transformations you will make?
    When I photograph the areas you want to transform, I then, using photoshop, superimpose what the new colours, artwork, furniture etc would look like in situe. This means you and your staff can chat about it, request changes, decide you want "more of this", "less of that", I then send the images with the changes requested so that you are very sure about what it is you are committing to before any work is begun.
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