"Our school was built over a period of 175 years and while it has great character, it is of its time. Julie transformed dark spaces with vibrant colours, inspirational quotes and casual furniture. Students now sit and chat in areas that previously were dead spaces. Their positive reaction is testimony to the contemporary quality of Julie’s work".

Robert Dunne, Principal at Loretto Abbey, Loreto Avenue, Harbour Road, Dalkey, Co. Dublin.

"We, in Ursuline College, Sligo are truly delighted with the beautiful art work you did in our school. Our main focus was to bring new life to the older parts of the building which has many nukes and crannies. You have enhanced our school environment with wonderful colour and your inspirational quotes.


It is a joy for our students and staff everyday to admire your creative work. You were a pleasure to work with and really took the time to listen to our requests while also offering very valuable advise as a gifted and talented artist. We wish you every success with your new venture and will highly recommend your artistic work".

- Sr Mairead and Ann Waters, Principal and VP at Ursuline College, Sligo.

"Working with Julie has enhanced both the learning experience for our students and our sense of care for our physical environment. Two things which are hugely impactful on everyone’s well being.

We wanted to create a space that would reflect our vision and values, whilst ensuring that our new 1st Year students and the team felt a sense of ownership over their learning environment. Our biggest challenge before Julie, was creating our school's independent identity within another national school’s premises.  

Since having collaborated with her, we now have an environment that provokes thought, curiosity and creativity. All essential in supporting us to be our best selves in our community. Our space can now really facilitate learning and reflection and it gives people more of a sense of belonging. It shows that we care".

- Claire Matthews, Principal at Firhouse Educate Together Secondary School.


"I cannot recommend Julie and her work highly enough. Julie’s work has transformed our space. We are based within a sister scholl and her work has given us an independent identity. Most importantly, it has transformed the temporary premises into a vibrant, colourful school where students are very proud of their surroundings.  

Swords Community College opened in temporary premises in 2018. Our space was small, unconventional and lacking in character. Julie's work has impacted our staff and given them a real sense of belonging and pride in their workplace.  Our parents have reacted really positively too to the artwork and were so impressed with how inviting it was for their children.  

Julie was easy to work with, creative and responsive. The students were so impressed and our new environment has helped us create the positive, warm and welcoming atmosphere we wanted for our school."

- Mark Mc Donald - Principal at Swords Community College.


"Before working with you, there were no welcome signs, walls were empty and boring and there was no inspiration for students. Changing the space has created a welcoming atmosphere and communicated a strong message to our students that they are valued. The images have helped with building a culture of positivity and this is now promoted throughout the school.

I look forward to working with you again on our new extension".


- Anna McCready , teacher at Scoil Ui Mhuiri Dunleer, Co Louth.

"Before working with you we just had grey, bare spaces of concrete with no warmth to them at all. Changing the space has definitely created a much more vibrant and welcoming environment. The quotes are often referred to in SPHE or incurriculum subjects and they encourage reflection regularly. They are a constant talking piece. It has created a vibrant learning community. As a principal, It’s so uplifting to work in a colourful and text rich environment, it’s great for ones well being".

- Rachel Mc Grath, Principal at Griffeen Community College, Lucan, Co Dublin.

"I smile walking through the corridors as I feel the photography, the colour, the mural, and the wording artwork all help to create an energetic, pleasant working and learning environment for myself, my fellow staff members, and most importantly the students in our school. 

The aesthetics and colour of my work place are now so refreshing. This makes the school a much more pleasant place to be in and has an impact on the student’s mood and focus in class. The physical surroundings created by the artwork displayed around the school has definitely contributed to creating this vibrant learning environment".

- Ian Byrne, teacher and wellbeing coach, Colaiste Pobail Setanta, Dublin.


Some of the overheard comments from the students at the opening of the library i designed for them:



"It's like a beautiful dream!"

"I never knew our school could be this cool"

"I'm just going to live in here, I love it"

"Sooo Instagramable!"

"This is the coolest room I've ever seen"

"This place, like, I dunno, makes me want to like... pick up a book and read"

"It's like a magic fairytale place"

"I'm so excited, I want to stay and read"

"Going down the corridor, you'd never guess that this could be here, it's amazing!

"I want my  bedroom to look like this"

"It's Wonderland, and Narnia, and the magic faraway tree, but here, for us"



“I greatly appreciated the effort put into the artwork around the school. On my first day in the school in the middle of October in 5th year, it helped to calm my nerves”

“It shows that the school cares about our happiness”


“A school with colour for me illustrates an effort put in by the school. It motivates me to learn”

“The artwork helps to improve my learning experience. If I ever get distracted I focus on it”




“I feel different in a colourful school as it brightens up my thoughts”

“When I walk into school in the morning I’m usually in a bad mood but the colour changes it”

“The first time I saw the artwork it made me feel more confident about my new school”

what do the students have to say?

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